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About Us
Mission Statement
This Flag Keepers organization exists to bring about the removal of publicly displayed unserviceable American flags from residential, governmental and business sites.
We seek to accomplish our mission goals by sending informative and polite letters to those who display unsightly flags on their property. We also conduct parking lot surveys for dirty and ragged, vehicle antenna mounted flags. For those folks we slip a note from The Flag Keepers under their windshield wipers.

Flag Keepers' Core Beliefs
The Flag Keepers organization is a network where we are not embarrassed to use phrases like under God, Pledge of Allegiance, Declaration of Independence, one nation under God, and place of worship. We like the sound of the words pledge, America, patriotism, family, liberty, and Old Glory.

We believe deeply that the reason people of all beliefs, faith based and not, can enjoy the freedoms of America is because of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution has survived because of those who prayed for, and those who worked and served to protect America and its freedoms. America was founded upon the rock solid base of the Judeo-Christian value system. From that, the American spirit of freedom and liberty was born and nurtured.

The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and liberty in the world. Our flag waves in a wind that blows over all Americans regardless of their religious or cultural background.

We believe in treating and displaying the American flag with dignity and respect.

We pray that God will continue to bless America.

About the founding of Flag Keepers
In 1988 a US Marine began approaching a few business owners/managers about removing their unsightly and ragged American Flags. He contacted several veterans service organizations requesting assistance regarding the removal of nasty flags. Although veterans' organizaitons historically are the prime advocates for the American Flag, it was discovered that there was no organization whose main purpose was that of removing unsightly and disrespectfully displayed flags. After 15 years of 'unofficially' seeking the removal and replacement of nasty U.S. flags via letter writing and personal visits, The Flag Keepers Foundation was officially born in 2003.

With the recruitment of a few good volunteers, the movement is growing.And now, with your help, we need to raise the flag of hope for the respectful display and the proper flag disposal and retirement of tattered, and dirty U.S. flags. America, Let's get our flag act together!

Support the Flag Keepers!
All of the flags we process are disposed of with dignity and respect after an appropriate flag retirement ceremony. The founder of the Flag Keepers, a retired U.S. Marine of 27 years, has many years of in-depth ceremonial flag experience that included developing a proper flag retirement ceremony, maintenance of American and military flags, and proper flag disposal procedures. Our proper flag disposal program is based on the U.S. Flag Code, proper flag handling techniques, maintenance, and ceremonial flag procedures.
The Flag Keepers organization is the only organization specifically dedicated to the tattered American flags from public display. Additionally we are here to answer questions about how to properly care for, maintain and display the American flag.

Send e-mail to: admin@flagkeepers.org

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