American Flag, POW, & State Flag Disposal

Finding a flag disposal service locally can be challenging. Sometimes, some of the following organizations provide an annual disposal ceremony:

· Veterans' service organizations (American Legion, VFW, Marine Corps League, D.A.V., etc).

· Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts.

If you have difficulty locating an organization locally that will dispose of your flags - send your flags to us. We'll ensure your no longer serviceable flags are properly disposed of at a patriotic flag retirement ceremony.

We proudly accept local government, municipal and state flags, as well as flags from friendly foreign governments.

Packaging your flags. Flags 3'x5' and smaller can easily fit into a shipping envelope available from office/shipping supply stores and the Post Office. For larger flags, a used cardboard box of appropriate size is perfectly OK.
Send flags to:

Flag Keepers
349-L Copperfield Blvd #105
Concord, NC 28025

Disposal Fee Info
These are disposal fees only. You do not get any boxes from us to ship your flags.
(Order a Flag Disposal at the bottom of this page)
No disposal fee for Some Private Residences
The fee and mailing costs might be a struggle for some residences. Just include a note that says, "No Fee". That will be for our accounting records. Otherwise select from the Shopping Cart below. Thanks.
No disposal fee for Prisoner of War (POW) flags.
No disposal fee for wooden stick flags, small hand held flags, grave marker flags, antenna flags etc.

No disposal fee for funeral flags.
Refers to flags that have draped a coffin for burial - veteran or non veteran. Include a note that indicates that this is a funeral flag and jot a note that says, "No Fee".

PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay online. We use PayPal as our credit card approval gateway because: (1) PayPal's hard core security, (2) we never see your credit card information.

Flag Disposal Fee Payment Options

Invoice.  Ship us your flags and we'll invoice you based on the shipment received. Please include an office, department, or person point of contact.

By check or Money Order Include payment with your flag. Mail to:

Flag Keepers
349-L Copperfield Blvd #105
Concord, NC 28025

Pre-Pay By Credit Card and/or PayPal:  Make your selection and complete the PayPal, or, credit card billing information at check out. You'll be presented with a printable, online receipt.  Please include a copy of this disposal fee order with your flag.

Select Flag Disposal: "ADD".

For more than one flag, adjust the total of flags in the "Quantity" box and select "Update" also located in the "quantity" box. The dollar amount will automatically recalculate.

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