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Safety First! Frequently, you'll see a ragged flag as you are driving a busy street or highway and it is difficult to pull off to get an address or even the name of the company. Don't worry. Make a mental note of the location, and next time you're in the area, find a safe place to pull over and get that info. You might find it helpful to print several copies of the forms and carry them with you. When you get home, come back to the site and fill in the online form from your notes.  Be sure to click 'Submit' each time.
The information you provide here, will generate a letter from Flag Keepers to the owner/manager/occupant of the site drawing their attention to the unserviceable condition of their flag. Please be sure the information you provide in the report is accurate.  The process for sending letters is automated now, so if the address isn't complete, a volunteer has to stop the process and make corrections. The notification letter includes your observations, and simply recommends the flag be replaced, and points out how to find information on the proper display of the American Flag. It is our policy that no information about the reporter will be disclosed. 
 Remember we are not 'flag police'; but merely observers notifying  businesses, government offices and individuals about the condition of their flags.

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The Flag Keepers act only as advocates for the proper and respectful display of the American flag at American business and government sites. We do not demand the removal of unsightly flags, but rather encourage the removal and replacement out of respect. We need the assistance of those who respect the American flag.
Long may it wave and God bless the United States of America! 

   Thank you for your continued support of the Flag Keepers!


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